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Yoga on Demand

Welcome to Yoga on Demand!

Here you can find yoga flow and restorative yoga videos to compliment your fitness program.




Yoga flow is for ALL LEVELS of yoga practitioners. It is a gentle flow in that we do not go at a fast pace, and we do not work on advanced postures. In the flow we start with standing postures, move to seated postures, then finish with reclined postures.

This is a great stand alone routine to be done any day of the week, and will compliment your kettlebell practice, or any other fitness endeavours beautifully.



Familiarize yourself with the beauty of restorative yoga. Including this into your weekly routine will improve the quality of your more intense days. If you have never done restorative yoga before, you may find this the most challenging video of the week. But you might just find it to be your favourite! (And don’t worry, headstand will not be included in this series).



This yoga series will dive into some of the more advanced yoga postures and will go at a slightly faster pace than the gentle yoga flow. We will explore some of the postures that are not included in the gentle yoga flow.