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Weekly Schedule

Below you can find a layout for your weekly fitness routine. Take the guesswork out of it, and follow along with me!


In July you will be working on your endurance! Step up your cardio this month with some sneaky variety

and conditioning workouts that will keep you moving. On Saturdays, see how heavy you should be lifting, and use that information as you progress!


monday: 54 minuteS ”SWINGS + THINGS”

This 54 minute video will get your week off to a great start. Check in with slightly faster swing intervals, your regular TGU’s, and your choice of cleans and presses. This workout hits it all, and does it efficiently. A warm-up and cool-down is included as always.

Equipment needed: 1 light KB, 1-2 medium KB’s, soft surface, foam roller, tennis ball or other mobility tool.

EXPRESS tuesday: 26 minutes “sturdy does it”

Your Tuesday session is 26 minutes this month - a little bit longer than our typical express sessions! But it is full of all of the things you may have missed last month! You will get a chance to work on your one arm swings, your high pulls, plank work, and then some more familiar squats to balance it all out. A warm-up and a cool-down are included in this workout, and this one will surely become a staple in your kettlebell and movement diet!

Equipment Needed: 1 light-medium KB, 1 heavy KB and a yoga strap.

workout wednesday: 45 minutes “create your own pizza”

On Wednesdays you will be having fun creating your own pizza! This workout combines all of your favourite kettlebell movements into one playful and challenging workout. But it’s yours to keep more simple, or layer up with more toppings. You get to decide!

Equipment needed: 1 Light KB, 1 Medium KB, 1 Heavy KB, Yoga Strap and Foam Roller.

thursday express: 23 minutes “hip dip”

Your Thursday express workout is a little bit more friendly than our Tuesday Express session. You will work at a slightly slower pace with slightly less intensity. However, if you use heavier weights, or go for full pull ups, you will definitely up the ante! This workout will build your strength and stability and comes highly recommended. Warm-up and cool down is still included in express workouts.

Equipment needed: 1 Heavy, 1 Medium, and 1 Light Kettlebell.
Optional: Stick or Dowel, Yoga Strap.

friday: 48 minutes “five by five”

This workout puts together all of your kettlebell skills into one complex. It’s for those of you who have been practicing your basic skills for over a month, and are ready for a challenge. Or for those of you who know the DEEP 6 and want to get more comfortable with it!

Be ready to push the pause button when you need to, or fast forward if you are a pro! You get 5 minutes to complete each round, and there are 5 rounds!

If you don’t know the high pull or the snatch yet, you can still follow along, adding extra one arms swings instead of the snatch, which you should never jump into without having learned this advanced movement. See my SKILLS section to learn or review the high pull and snatch!

Equipment needed: 1 Medium Kettlebell for the workout and 1 Light Kettlebell for the warmup. A mat or carpet is always handy for the turkish get ups.


This immersive workout will allow you to dive into the power of your strength. See what kettlebell sizes are truly appropriate for you! You should be working at 60-80% of your maximum strength most of the time. On Saturdays, you will challenge your personal records to see if you are training efficiently!

Equipment needed: your entire kettlebell collection, a foam roller, a tennis ball or other mobilty tool and a soft surface.

sunday: 16 minutes “flexible steel”

This short and sweet video will get you ready for a day of adventure! I will take you through several mobility movements that I learned in my Flexible Steel certification. They are designed to mobilize the joints using the weight as feedback. Developing strength at our end range is an effective way to progressively develop flexibility. The weight prevents us from going further than we are ready for. In this video I focus on the hamstrings, hips and shoulders.

Equipment needed: 1 light kettlebell and padding for your knees.