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Weekly Programming

Below you can find a layout for your weekly fitness routine. Take the guesswork out of it, and follow along with me!

The current program is a 4 WEEK TRAINING CYCLE. Each week you will make progress with these daily routines, and by the end of the month, you will have built endurance, and improved your mobility!


movement monday: 48 minutes

Monday, your DAY 1 Kettlebell video session will include Two-Handed Kettlebell Swings, Turkish Get Ups, Cleans, Presses, and Squats. If you are new to these movements, check out my YouTube videos for further instruction! (My learn to Kettlebell Video series will be coming soon!).

This is a 48 minute workout that will start your week off with a mindful approach to strength and fitness, and will carry through into other aspects of your life! Join me in a well paced workout that will leave you very satisfied. Warm-up and cool-down provided.

Equipment needed: 1 Medium KB, 1 Light KB, Yoga Mat or Carpet.

EXPRESS tuesday: 20 minutes

Tuesday, your DAY 2 Kettlebell video session is just 20 minutes! This includes a warm-up and a cool-down, with squats, push-ups, and kettlebell rows as the focus for the workout. This is a perfect video for anyone newer to kettlebells. Get yourself ready to go and follow along with me in this short and sweet strength builder!

Equipment Needed: 1 Light KB, 1 Heavy KB and padding for knees *A bench, countertop, or stairs can be useful for incline push-ups


On Wednesdays, your DAY 3,  we will be having a little bit of fun with our kettlebell skills. If you are familiar with the one arm swing, the clean and the press, you can do this workout! It may take the entire month to get the choreography, but each week you will improve! See how you can create a dynamic workout with just one kettlebell! 

Equipment needed: 1 light kettlebell

*I call this “variety express” in the opening of this video, but changed it to Wacky Wednesday here :)


This express workout is more like a work-in than a work-out. It’s a slower pace than some of the other videos in this month’s series. We do some joint mobility work at the beginning, then flow into slow TGU’s. Finishing off with 3 slow eccentric squats, you will feel great after doing this routine. A cool down and stretch is included.

Equipment needed: 1 heavy, one medium, and one light Kettlebell.
Optional: Dumbbell for shoulder mobility warmup

Equipment needed: 1 Light KB or dumbbell, 1 Medium KB, 1 Heavy KB

Five by five friday: 48 minutes

This workout puts together all of your kettlebell skills into one complex. It’s for those of you who have been practicing your basic skills for over a month, and are ready for a challenge. Or for those of you who know the DEEP 6 and want to get more comfortable with it!

Be ready to push the pause button when you need to, or fast forward if you are a pro! You get 5 minutes to complete each round, and there are 5 rounds!

If you don’t know the high pull or the snatch yet, you can still follow along, adding extra one arms swings instead of the snatch, which you should never jump into without having learned this advanced movement.

Equipment needed: 1 Medium Kettlebell for the workout and 1 Light Kettlebell for the warmup. A mat or carpet is always handy for the turkish get ups.

saturday strength builder: 60 minutes

Today it’s time to build strength in your upper body, lower body, and core. You are ready to put some time in today, to invest in your strength, your kettlebell skills, and your overall confidence.

Join me to one-arm swing, clean and press, front rack hold and squat. You will leave this workout on a high and with lots of energy to send you into the weekend!

Equipment Needed: 1 Heavy KB, 1 Light KB, Yoga Strap


Restorative yoga may take some practice, but you will find the benefits include improved mobility and posture, calming of the nervous system, and improved energy levels and mindfulness.

This 35 minute video will get you started on your restorative journey. And it might just be your FAVOURITE video.

Suggested props: Bolster, Yoga Blocks, Blankets, Eye Pillow, Yoga Mat.