Weekly Schedule

Below you can find a layout for your weekly fitness routine. Take the guesswork out of it, and follow along with me!


September is a time to refresh! It’s about finding new routines and reviewing the skills you have developed! Now is a great time to establish some amazing habits and use these Kettlebell workouts to ground you in this busy season!


monday MOVEMENT: 54 minuteS ”SWINGS + THINGS”

This 54 minute video will get your week off to a great start. Check in with slightly faster swing intervals, your regular TGU’s, and your choice of cleans and presses. This workout hits it all, and does it efficiently. A warm-up and cool-down is included as always.

Equipment needed: 1 light KB, 1-2 medium KB’s, soft surface, foam roller, tennis ball or other mobility tool.

TGU TUESDAY: 23 minutes “simple salad”

A twist on your Simple workout! It’s swings alternating with Turkish Get-Ups! Instead of doing your swings and then doing your get ups, you will create a salad of swings and get-ups. This is an excellent way to challenge your strength and endurance, tricking your brain into doing more in a shorter period of time. It’s a workout that is efficient and fun, and includes a warm-up and cool-down that are brief yet effective.

Equipment needed: 1 Light Kettlebell, 1 Medium Kettlebell, 1 Heavy Kettlebell


This 30 minute video will take care of your basic movement patterns: pushing, pulling, hinging, and squatting. These 4 moves are included in a circuit that starts at a friendly pace, and gradually becomes more condensed. A short warm-up and short cool-down are included. This might become one of your favourite friendly workouts!

Equipment needed: 1 Heavy Kettlebell, Matching Lighter Kettlebells, Medium Kettlebell.

thursday THINGS: 23 minutes “hip dip”

Your Thursday express workout is a little bit more friendly than our Tuesday Express session. You will work at a slightly slower pace with slightly less intensity. However, if you use heavier weights, or go for full pull ups, you will definitely up the ante! This workout will build your strength and stability and comes highly recommended. Warm-up and cool down is still included in express workouts.

Equipment needed: 1 Heavy, 1 Medium, and 1 Light Kettlebell.
Optional: Stick or Dowel, Yoga Strap.


The Five by Five is back!! Putting together all of your kettlebell skills into one complex, this workout will be your benchmark for the season. It’s for those of you who have been practicing your basic skills for over a month, and are ready for a challenge. Or for those of you who know the DEEP 6 and want to get more comfortable with it!

Be ready to push the pause button when you need to, or fast forward if you are a pro! You get 5 minutes to complete each round, and there are 5 rounds. Use a modest bell the first time, then progress to a heavier bell once you know you can keep up!

If you don’t know the high pull or the snatch yet, you can still follow along, adding extra one arms swings instead of the snatch, which you should never jump into without having learned this advanced movement. Go to my SKILLS section to review and practice the snatch!

Equipment needed: 1 Medium Kettlebell for the workout and 1 Light Kettlebell for the warmup. A mat or carpet is always handy for the turkish get ups.

saturday sun salutations: 82 MINUTES “let’s BREATHE”

A full length yoga class, in the comfort of your own home. This can replace that class you missed, or fit into a schedule that flows differently than your yoga studio. It’s a gentle flow that gives you lots of options which you can experiment with week to week. Breathe first, move second. All levels!!

Optional props: Yoga blocks, Yoga strap, Bolster, Eye Pillow.

sunday fundamentals: 30 minutes “neutral spine + hip hinge”

This fundamental video is a REVIEW of all of the skills you have learned since you began your Kettlebell journey with me. This video is a chance to slow things down and go back to the basics - reminding yourself of how far you’ve come! You will be sure to benefit from returning to your beginner’s mindset today, in this very gentle review video.

Equiment needed: 1 Light Kettlebell, 1 Medium Kettlebell (optional), 1 Heavy Kettlebell, a door or wall and a long stick!