Kettlebell Strength Builder

These longer workouts will focus on building your strength. We will work at a pace that will encourage success.


This immersive workout will allow you to dive into the power of your strength. See what kettlebell sizes are truly appropriate for you! You should be working at 60-80% of your maximum strength most of the time. On Saturdays, you will challenge your personal records to see if you are training efficiently!

Equipment needed: your entire kettlebell collection, a foam roller, a tennis ball or other mobilty tool and a soft surface.

“THE LADDER” strength builder: 60 MINUTES

In this 60 minute strength builder we will warm up with one arm swings, then progress to a clean and press ladder, and finish off with squats and front rack carries. It’s a sneaky way to build your strength!

If you are still learning these movements, my learn to kettlebell series is coming soon!

Equipment needed: 1 Light Kettlebell, 1 Medium Kettlebell, 1 Heavy Kettlebell, Yoga strap (optional).