Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga to help you down-regulate.


Yin Yoga is different than Restorative Yoga, but I have included it in the restorative section for various reasons. Yin is slow, soft, and gentle, but it is different than Restorative Yoga in that the goal is to work on and exercise our deeper, denser tissues, rather than completely resting as we do in a restorative practice. Yin Yoga nourishes our joints, cartilage, and fascial system. It is deliberate time to take care of our mobility and become more aware of our own body through sensation.

Equipment Needed: Yoga Mat, Yoga Blocks, Foam Block or small cushion, Yoga Strap.

RESTORE: 35 Minutes

Restorative yoga may take some practice, but you will find the benefits include improved mobility and posture, calming of the nervous system, and improved energy levels and mindfulness.

The goal of Restorative yoga is 100% relaxation.

This 35 minute video will get you started on your restorative journey. And it might just be your FAVOURITE video.

Suggested props: Bolster, Yoga Blocks, Blankets, Eye Pillow, Yoga Mat.