These workouts are for experienced kettlebellers!

If you are new to one-arm-swinging and snatching, but know the clean, the press, the squat, and the turkish get up, you can replace the snatches with one arm swings, and still follow along with all of these advanced workouts.


This June you will be having fun creating your own pizza! This workout combines all of your favourite kettlebell movements into one playful and challenging workout. But it’s yours to keep more simple, or layer up with more toppings. You get to decide!

Equipment needed: 1 Light KB, 1 Medium KB, 1 Heavy KB, Yoga Strap, Foam Roller.


This workout puts together all of your kettlebell skills into one complex. It’s for those of you who have been practicing your basic skills for over a month, and are ready for a challenge. Or for those of you who know the DEEP 6 and want to get more comfortable with it!

Be ready to push the pause button when you need to, or fast forward if you are a pro! You get 5 minutes to complete each round, and there are 5 rounds!

If you don’t know the high pull or the snatch yet, you can still follow along, adding extra one arms swings instead of the snatch, which you should never jump into without having learned this advanced movement. Go to my SKILLS section to review and practice the snatch!

Equipment needed: 1 Medium Kettlebell for the workout and 1 Light Kettlebell for the warmup. A mat or carpet is always handy for the turkish get ups.


On Wednesdays, your DAY 3,  we will be having a little bit of fun with our kettlebell skills. If you are familiar with the one arm swing, the clean and the press, you can do this workout! It may take the entire month to get the choreography, but each week you will improve! See how you can create a dynamic workout with just one kettlebell! 

Go to my SKILLS section to learn the high pull and snatch!

Equipment needed: 1 light kettlebell

*I call this “variety express” in the opening of this video, but changed it to Wacky Wednesday here :)