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Kettlebell + Yoga Classes


Kettlebell + Yoga Classes

Online Kettlebell + Yoga Classes!

Monthly membership $55.00

Kettlebell + Yoga classes at your fingertips. Follow along with me anytime you choose. All you need is an ipad, a smart phone or computer and wi-fi.


  • Full access to Kettlebell Mobility, Endurance, and Strength videos

  • Restorative and Yoga Flow videos

  • Monday-Saturday programming and monthly focus goals (take the guesswork out of your fitness program!)

  • Quality instruction that is easy and fun to follow along with

  • 60 minute, 45 minute, 35 minute, and 20 minute videos to complement your other activities or as a stand alone program

  • New videos added monthly

  • Simple, efficient and effective strength training!

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Kettlebell FAQ

Kettlebell FAQ


I recommend XTreme Monkey cast iron kettlebells and they can be ordered online at The Treadmill Factory.

Fitness Solutions in Saskatoon also sells cast iron kettlebells. Call in advance as they are sometimes out of stock!

Kettlebell sizes - women

I recommend women under 50 years of age buy one 8kg kettlebell, one 12kg kettlebell and one 16kg kettlebell.

I recommend women 50+ buy one 6kg kettlebell in addition to one 8kg kettlebell, one 12kg kettlebell,  and one 16kg kettlebell.

Kettlebell sizes - men

I recommend men buy one 12kg kettlebell, one 16kg kettlebell and one 20kg kettlebell.  Men under the age of 50 will also need a 24kg kettlebell. For mobility work, one 8kg bell would also be useful.