Gentle Yoga Flow

Week to week look here for a yoga class that will help you stay mobile, calm, and productive!

“let’s BREATHE”: 1 hour 22 min

A full length yoga class, in the comfort of your own home. This can replace that class you missed, or fit into a schedule that flows differently than your yoga studio. It’s a gentle flow that gives you lots of options that you can experiment with week to week. Breathe first, move second. All levels!!

Optional props: Yoga blocks, Yoga strap, Bolster, Eye Pillow.


This gentle flow will get you moving from head to toe. We start with standing postures, move to seated postures, then finish on the floor with reclined postures. This is an all-levels class that you can breathe along with. It’s an important part of your overall fitness program!

Equipment needed: Yoga mat, bolster, Yoga Block, Eye Pillow.