Learn to Kettlebell

Set yourself up for safety and success before you start using kettlebells at home! This foundations series is intended for those new to kettlebells, but is also a great refresher for experienced kettlebellers. Here we will bring your attention to your movement patterns and fine tune your postural awareness.



This introduction to Kettlebells will answer some of your burning questions about kettlebell use. Here I address what kettlebells to use, who kettlebells are for, and where, why and when to kettlebell.

No equipment is needed for this video.

15 minutes total


This session will address your general posture, and hinging with your hips. By the end of the video you will be picking up your kettlebell safely and carrying it by your side - one of the most effective foundational exercises!

Equipment needed: long stick, a door or wall, and a kettlebell.

33 minutes total


In session #2 we will take a look at your squat and your lunge pattern - essential movement patterns! I show progressions to work toward, and mobility drills to get your there faster.

Equipment needed: long stick, yoga mat, and a light, medium, and heavy kettlebell.

45 minutes total


This final foundations sessions will address your overhead range of motion as well as your core strength and stability. By the end of the video you will have learned all three styles of kettlebell carries, and will test your overhead strength, alignment and stability.

Equipment needed: 1 light kettlebell, a stick or dumbbell, a yoga mat and a door or wall.

48 minutes total

These videos are yours to use as often as you like, and until you feel comfortable with these foundations of kettlebell.

Learn to Kettlebell: “How To” series is coming soon and these videos will prepare you for your next steps.