A shorter sequence that gets the job done in the most efficient way!

“simple SALAD”: 23 MINUTES

A twist on your Simple workout! It’s swings alternating with get-ups! Instead of doing your swings and then doing your get ups, you will create a salad of swings and get-ups. This is an excellent way to challenge your strength and endurance, tricking your brain into doing more in a shorter period of time. It’s a workout that is efficient and fun, and includes a warm-up and cool-down that are brief yet effective.

Equipment needed: 1 Light Kettlebell, 1 Medium Kettlebell, 1 Heavy Kettlebell


This 30 minute video will take care of your basic movement patterns: pushing, pulling, hinging, and squatting. These 4 moves are included in a circuit that starts at a friendly pace, and gradually becomes more condensed. A short warm-up and short cool-down are included. This might become one of your favourite friendly workouts!

Equipment needed: 1 Heavy Kettlebell, Matching Lighter Kettlebells, Medium Kettlebell.

“sturdy does it”: 26 MINUTES

This Kettlebell video session is 26 minutes - a little bit longer than our typical express sessions! But it is full of all of the things you may have been missing! You will get a chance to work on your one arm swings, your high pulls, plank work, and then some more familiar squats to balance it all out. A warm-up and a cool-down are included in this workout, and this one will surely become a staple in your kettlebell and movement diet!

Equipment Needed: 1 Light-Medium KB, 1 Heavy KB and a yoga strap.


This express workout is a little bit more friendly than some of our other express sessions. You will work at a slightly slower pace with slightly less intensity. However, if you use heavier weights, or go for full pull ups, you will definitely up the ante! This workout will build your strength and stability and comes highly recommended. Warm-up and cool down is still included in express workouts.

Equipment needed: 1 Heavy, 1 Medium, and 1 Light Kettlebell.
Optional: Stick or Dowel, Yoga Strap.


This 20 minute express routine packs a punch. Pulling, pushing and hinging are basic movements that we need to take care of in order to keep the strength in the front and the back side of our body in balance.

A brief warmup and cool down is included in this video, and a fairly quick pace for these strength movements.

Equipment needed: 1 heavy Kettlebell for the workout and 1 light Kettlebell for the warmup. Padding for your knees.

*A bench or countertop for incline push ups is a helpful way to progress to a floor push up.

“Thoughtful thursday”: 22 MINUTES

This express workout is more like a work-in thank a work-out. It’s a slower pace than some of the other videos in this month’s series. We do some joint mobility work at the beginning, then flow into slow TGU’s. Finishing off with 3 slow eccentric squats, you will feel great after doing this routine. A cool down and stretch is included.

Equipment needed: 1 Light KB or Dumbbell, 1 Medium KB, 1 Heavy KB