Kettlebell Conditioning

These longer workouts are ones you can sink your teeth into. Hone your kettlebell skills and build your strength and endurance! Improving your stamina here and it will transfer to everything else you do in life!


This 54 minute video will get your week off to a great start. Check in with slightly faster swing intervals, your regular TGU’s, and your choice of cleans and presses. This workout hits it all, and does it efficiently. A warm-up and cool-down in included as always.

Equipment needed: 1 light KB, 1-2 medium KB’s, soft surface, foam roller, tennis ball or other mobility tool.


This 48 minute workout gets in everything we got in on Mondays last month, and then some! You will do your swings, your TGU’s AND, your cleans, presses, and squats. Start your week of nicely with this complete and satisfying routine.

Equipment needed: 1 Medium Kettlebell, and a pair of uneven bells or matching bells if you have them!

“pilot project conditioning”: 45 MINUTES

This Kettlebell video session will include Two-Handed Kettlebell Swings and Turkish Get Ups. If you are new to these movements, check out my you tube videos for further instruction! (My learn to Kettlebell Video series will be coming soon!).

This is a 45 minute workout that will bring a mindful approach to strength and fitness, that will carry through into other aspects of your life! Join me in a well paced workout that provides you with an effective warm-up and a calming cool-down.

*This video includes music throughout

Equipment needed: 1 Heavy KB, 1 MediumKB, 1 Light KB