Yoga, first and foremost, is an opportunity to tune into the breath, the mind, and the body, with intelligence and awareness. 

The word yoga means different things to each individual. There are numerous styles and forms of practice and the world of yoga is ever evolving. 

For those who are new to yoga, the word might conjure up all kinds of associations. The most common thing I hear is "I need yoga because I'm inflexible!" Indeed, flexibility is an important component and focus in the yoga practice, and is often the first thing that needs attention. It will become crucial for those wanting to progress in traditional fitness skills. 

For those who are naturally more flexible (muscle length is longer), mobility (how a joint moves) and strength (capacity to resist force or pressure) are essential aspects that are necessary to use flexibility in a safe and supportive way. All three components must be addressed in order to gain a balance in our bodies over the long term, to prevent injuries that can come from a singular focus and to move better in everyday life. I see yoga as in integral part of a well balanced mind and body that can compliment cardiovascular and strength training beautifully.

My Yoga Practice

After years of practicing yoga with various teachers and in various styles, it was extremely important to me to have a classical base for my yoga practice. This is why I chose to study the Ashtanga Primary Series in detail, with Ron Reid (who was one of the first Canadian teachers to be authorized by Sri K.Pattabhi Jois) at Downward Dog in Toronto. This training led me to the Mysore (self practice) style of yoga, which has been an invaluable platform for growth and learning about my own body and about traditional yoga postures. From here, I have expanded my repertoire outside of the Ashtanga Primary and Secondary Series, and have spent time studying postures that are the most beneficial to me and for my students. Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga led classes, workshops and teacher trainings, most of which were held at the Downward Dog in Toronto, the influence of Diane Bruni (the first ashtanga teacher in Canada), and my own exploration, have widely developed my own personal style of practicing. My teaching style is a gentle approach where strength is built slowly, the mind is calmed, and awareness is invited. 

Still Wondering What Yoga Can Do For You?

Drop-in Sessions

Drop-ins are the perfect time for a program refresh, skill development, and individualized attention to your posture and alignment.

Session Packages

Session Packages are ideal for a range of individuals; first time exercisers, and work-out enthusiasts alike. 

Monthly Coaching

A realistic option for success, my monthly coaching allows you to do your workouts on your own, with sessions to keep you on track.