Kettlebell Classes

Kettlebell Classes are a great way to learn, practice, and have fun with your Kettlebell skills! 
Find a buddy to join you and grow your strength building repertoire! 

Kettlebell Skills

If you are new to kettlebells, I require that you have at least 1 private or couples personal training session with me before you join the small group classes. My classes are structured to teach kettlebell skills in a progression. If you are jumping into a class as a drop-in, you will need to check your deadlift, your swing, your turkish get up, your clean and your press with me before you begin.  

Beginner Classes

These classes are appropriate for beginners with no current kettlebell skills. If you are interested in a beginner level class, please send me your email and the ideal time you would like to create a class.  If I have 4 people interested in the same time slot, I can create a new class! 



I limit the class size to allow for quality individual instructions and for space considerations when indoors.


Summer classes run outdoors in the Victoria School Playground. In the Brainsport Community Room in the Winter months.


 Level 1 Classes: Tuesdays and Thursdays 12:00 to 1:00pm

Beginner 5 Class series: Fridays at 5:30pm

Level 1 Classes: Mondays and Fridays at 4:30-5:30pm


6 session package: $150

12 session package: $250

24 session package: $450


email me!

If none of these times work, and you are looking to form a small group, please send me your email and I will add you to my small group list where I match you up with others looking to find a weekly time to meet!